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YouTube Gold: Boston Celtic Tommy Heinsohn

Before he was an announcer, Heinsohn was a great player and a superb coach.

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Tommy Heinsohn Blocking Shot
Boston Celtic Tommy Heinsohn defending St. Louis Hawk legend Bob Pettit with Bill Russell looming

One of the great forgotten NBA players is Tommy Heinsohn. He came to the Celtics in the same draft as Bill Russell.

He was a brilliant offensive performer and was well known for a low jumper and a hook shot. Heinsohn learned how to play in a gym with a low roof and his shots never had much arc.

Still went in a lot.

We know him mostly as an announcer and before that he was one of the best coaches the Celtics have ever had.

Check out this video look back at his career. And when you do that check out this bizarre clip of Heinsohn going on a rant about Danny Ferry, Duke, and his child who also went to Duke. Apparently it was about this.

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