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Something You Might Not Know About Lance Thomas

Captain Lance!

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Cat Cay Fishing Boats
One of these boats might be captained by former Blue Devil Lance Thomas.

At Duke, a friend got Lance Thomas into fishing and he’s taking it to a pretty high level: he’s hosting the first Slangmagic Fishing Extravaganza in New Orleans.

Slangmagic is a fishing team/program Thomas put together. All of that is really cool but check this out: not only has he become passionate about fishing, but Thomas has earned his OUPV and Master 100 Gross Ton Sea Captain’s license.

An OUPV license means that you can captain a boat of six or less and those boats don’t have to be inspected.

The Master 100 Gross Ton Sea Captain’s license allows him to captain larger boats including fishing boats, ferries, whale watching boats and many others and those are inspected and while Thomas is probably financially able to pursue this for leisure as well as some intense fishing competitions, it also theoretically opens up a career path that very few NBA players have likely considered.

Just avoid three hour tours.

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