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Realignment Update: On Hold For Now At Least

What happens if the PAC-12 gets in serious trouble?

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NCAA ball rack Photo by Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

By coincidence, the commissioners of the AAC and the Big 12 both spoke out this week and said they weren’t seeking new members.

The question came up for the AAC because UConn went home to the Big East and it has come up a lot for the Big 12 which actually is the Big Ten. Meanwhile the Big Ten is actually the Big 14.

It comes up for the Big 12 as it did Wednesday because it hasn’t gotten back to 12 teams since Nebraska and Missouri defected to the Big Ten/14 and SEC respectively. The Situational Ethics Conference was at least smart enough to not number itself but like the ACC is no longer geographically accurate.

The A-10 - the A stands for Atlantic - stretches to the Midwest as does the Big East and the PAC-12 goes to to the Rockies.

So there’s really not much naming accuracy anymore although the American Athletic Conference at least is still within the continental United States, so there’s that.

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