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John Calipari On Brad’s Transfer & A Look Back At Another Coach And His Point Guard Son

Clearly, different people handle things in different ways.

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NCAA Basketball: Kentucky vs Monmouth-NJ
 Dec 9, 2017; New York, NY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats guard Brad Calipari (12) and head coach John Calipari in the second half against Monmouth Hawks at Madison Square Garden.
Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

We recently poked a little fun at the Caliparis for Brad’s decision to transfer out of John’s Kentucky program.

His dad had quite a bit to say about it but this is the nub: “The ideal thing would be for him to have more of an opportunity here, but you know, I’d love to do it, but that’s my own son. It has to be earned and you have to deserve it and you have to take what you want, and the other guys try to take what he wants, and if he is better than you then I am playing him. If you’re not doing your thing and you’re changing the game, guess what, I’m taking you out. This thing is about winning and you being responsible for you.”

Fair enough.

It reminded us instantly of Al McGuire who was in a similar situation but being Al, had a completely different response.

When a reporter asked if his son, Allie would start, McGuire said: ”Of course he’ll start. He’s my son.”

He went further with his team, telling them that it would be anyone who thought he wouldn’t start his son better think again and that if anyone beat him they’d know they had earned it.

It wasn’t a similar situation in other ways: Allie was an outstanding point guard who got a sniff of pro interest (not much but he got his shot).

And the coaches handled the media completely differently as well. Calipari promised to investigate how the media learned that Brad had put his name in the transfer portal; McGuire just was frank (no pun intended) and told the truth bluntly. It was never even much of a story but rather became a bit of eccentric McGuire lore.

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