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Art Chansky Seems Pessimistic About The ACC Network

It helps to view it as a starting point rather than a destination

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ESPN Logo Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN

We’ve talked a bit about how the ACC came to the conference network party a bit late because the technology and therefore the industry has to change rather quickly.

So Art Chansky says that the conference has been told not to talk about distribution other than signed deals and he’s concerned that it’s not going that well.

Commissioner John Swofford demurs, arguing that carriage deals always go on to the very last second and that’s certainly true. However, the business is changing and delivery of content will change too.

We realize that not everyone is geeky enough to watch Apple’s presentation at its World Wide Developers Conference from Monday but in this case we’d certainly recommend it to the ACC in general, Swofford in particular and also Chansky and anyone else in the media.

There is a lot in it and much of it is very interesting but we’d suggest picking up around the 2:00 hour mark and watching the AR presentation. Minecraft has a presentation in that part that demos stuff that you could easily imagine being ported over to sports.

You could certainly take advanced stats a la analytics and fan chatter and add it in via VR but a great deal more is suddenly possible. When you see what Minecraft is doing and realize that that’s just the beginning, it can only make you wonder where things are heading and who will be smart enough to apply the technology in different and exciting ways.

It’s all applicable to sports just like it is to anything else and that’s the sort of thing that can set the ACC apart. If it were up to us we’d be signing up talented programmers as quickly as possible, get together with Disney and find ways to apply these things to the ACC Network and get to wherever it’s going before anyone else does.

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