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Alcohol Sales Coming To NC State, UNC

Bring a helmet next time you venture over.

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Clemson v North Carolina State
You don't want these guys getting out of control
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

North Carolina governor Roy Cooper (he pronounces it more like Cuppa) signed a bill Wednesday that will allow alcohol sales at UNC and NC State and other public schools.

It’s happening all around the country and at some places is going to lead to trouble.

For rivalry games we don’t think it’s a great idea at UNC, particular if State or Duke wins a tight game.

As bad as that would be, the last place you need to sell alcohol is NC State games.

This is clearly not intended for most students but enough drink already and fights in the stands are not unheard of. They’re also not unheard of in or near the bathrooms.

State fans are great. They’re loud as hell, they don’t back down even when losing - and a significant number are already drunk at whatever even you go to. Loaded Carolina fans are bad enough but at least the grown-ups eventually wander off. We’re not sure they would at State.

On the other hand though, we can all be glad that Maryland left the ACC before acohol sales became a thing. That would have gone bad by now, particularly when Duke was in town.

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