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Former ACC Official Duke Edsall Is Lucky To Be Alive

He had a frightening experience you should learn from

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Duke v Virginia
Duke Edsall was widely respected by ACC coaches like Mike Krzyzewski
Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Officials are an interesting and underrated part of the game. They keep order and also the flow of the game.

Mostly what we like to do is boo them and tell them how stupid they are.

Of course they’re not (mostly anyway). They have a very tough job and do the best they can, which is usually pretty damn good.

So seeing them outside of that role and realizing they’re just people too can be a bit jarring and ultimately very positive.

Take Duke Edsall for instance.

He was an ACC staple for years and years and yet most of us hardly knew anything about him.

Well here he is recounting a near-death experience and everyone should listen because this could certainly affect you too: if you have an unexplained swelling somewhere, it could be a blood clot. And it could easily kill you.

We’re glad that he survived his situation and while he’s no longer officiating, he’s still involved in the game. And by the way, he says very clearly and without hesitation that Michael Jordan was NOT the best player he’s ever seen. But that guy was still an ACC player...

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