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Harry Giles - Is There Anything He Can’t Do?

This is a pretty cool story

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Sacramento Kings v Boston Celtics
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - MARCH 14: Harry Giles III #20 of the Sacramento Kings reacts with teammates Harrison Barnes #40 and Marvin Bagley III #35 after a technical foul is called against him during the second half at TD Garden on March 14, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics defeat the Kings 126-120.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

When Ricahrd Ivanowski told his fiancee he wanted to wear a Sacramento jersey to his wedding, she said he could - if he got 10,000 retweets.

When former Duke star Harry Giles got wind of it, he pushed it on his own Twitter feed and got Ivanowski up to 10,000.

In a day.

So he got to wear his jersey.

As for Mrs. Kate Ivanowski, when asked why she would go along with this she said: “This is a question a lot of my girlfriends and my mom asked me. And I seriously, genuinely am OK -- I mean, I had to put up a little bit of a fight to use it against him in the future.”

So Richard got to wear it for a day. She may be wearing it out for a lot longer than that.

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