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UConn Does A U Turn And Is About To Head Home

The Huskies are set to return to the Big East

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round
With UConn’s return to the Big East apparently imminent, Danny Hurley will be where he has always wanted to be as a coach
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Big East broke up, UConn suffered as much as anyone. It wanted desperately to join the ACC or, if not, perhaps the Big Ten.

UConn football is not much to brag about though and realistically, not a good sell.

So it looks now as if UConn is willing to accept an uncertain future for football to return to the Big East in basketball.

It hasn’t been announced yet but appears to be imminent.

This is not one of those realignment scares. The Power Five have little to fear here and the AAC will be just fine without UConn, which lately hasn’t had much of a presence anyway (although Danny Hurley is going to change that in a big hurry). Like the Big East, most of the AAC is basketball oriented and with Houston, Cincinnati, Temple, Memphis, Wichita and Tulsa, not to mention rising star UCF and SMU which has had some moments, the conference should be fine (in a perfect world the Big East would trade Creighton or Butler for UConn but never mind).

No, this is not a realignment, or at least not a major one. This is a homecoming. The Big East is where UConn, which has no realistic path forward in football, belongs.

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