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Boeheim Honored, Praises Coach K In His Speech

Old friends are the best friends

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Duke v Syracuse
Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Jim Boeheim was honored with the 2019 Court of Honor Award from the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation earlier this week and had a number of comments about Syracuse basketball naturally.

He also had some comments about working with Mike Krzyzewski and the National Team: “Mike was using all his X&O magic to make LeBron and Kobe and Kevin be good players, I think on more than one occasion I said ‘Mike, it’s OK.’ We were together for 267 days over those competitions and we never once had a word that was anything but positive in that 267 days. We played 67 games. The other 200 days we watched tape. Can you imagine playing Nigeria and winning 148-62, finishing the game at 1 in the morning and watching tape from 1:30 to 4:30 on that game? … And then we watched the game tape for the next team we would play … Egypt.”

We can tell him why Krzyzewski does that with one word: Wagner.

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