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YouTube Gold: Nate James Buzzer Beater

One of our favorites!

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Nate James
Nate James as a happy Blue Devil

Back at the turn of the century (you have no idea how oddly satisfying it is to say that), Maryland was still in the ACC and didn’t much like Duke.

That’s a major understatement of course. The Duke camp was mostly baffled by the intensity of Maryland’s hatred of Duke but what can you do? We didn’t really hate them. Didn't like them, didn’t think much about them honestly but hate? No, not really.

Terp fans would have been shocked to know just how cheap Duke-Maryland tickets were outside of Cameron back then.

Still, there were some riveting games and one of the great wins was in the 2001 ACC Tournament when Duke knocked Maryland out on this Nate James buzzer beater. Note that no one thought to block him out or to follow him to the basket. Classic Maryland basketball.

Duke of course went on to the Final Four where Maryland built a huge first half lead and blew it all. It ended with Gary Williams storming at the refs: “how much do you want Duke to win this game?”

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