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Virginia Tech Gets A Guard With Some Personality

Just a bit...

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Jacksonville Practice
New coach Mike Young has hit the ground running at Virginia Tech
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech got a commitment from a guard named Jalen Cone out of Walkertown, NC, and he’s certainly promising. He’s been described as electrifying.

That’s not what intrigues us about him though. It’s his swagger and flair.

He made his announcement by holding up his six-month old daughter and opening her outer shirt to reveal an inner one with a VT logo.

Look at what he said to explain his decision: “Virginia Tech, they need Jalen Cone. It’s not more of a want, but they need Jalen Cone. And Coach Young and his system have Jalen Cone written all over it.”

He’s also reclassed and will be available this fall.

Buckle up. This could get interesting.

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