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Tucson Columnist Weighs In On Sean Miller And The Future Of Arizona Basketball

It’s not a pretty picture

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Georgia Southern v Arizona
TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 29: Head coach Sean Miller of the Arizona Wildcats reacts during the first half of the college basketball game against the Georgia Southern Eagles at McKale Center on November 29, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the damage accumulates in Tucson from the college corruption trial, leaving little question about serious NCAA penalties, a discussion about the future has begun.

Greg Hansen, America’s Worst Columnist, jumped the gun when the original wiretap story about Sean Miller broke and called for his immediate termination.

He’s not doing that as strong now - this piece is much more nuanced - but he’s essentially telling UA’s president that this will affect his legacy and the university’s integrity. It’s hard to argue that.

You can argue about whether or not amateurism is a good idea and almost everyone agrees the NCAA is frustrating beyond belief, but the truth is that it is what the members want it to be and it is voluntary.

What’s happened in Tucson will have a long impact on that university and how they deal with this - now - is critical.

When Hansen wrote his earlier column, the case against Miller seemed at least arguably circumstantial.

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