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Syracuse’s Brissett Makes His NBA Decision

He’s gone but may draw lukewarm interest

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New Mexico State v Auburn
Background: SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - MARCH 21: Oshae Brissett’s NBA career is not seen as a slam dunk
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We don't typically do a ton of Syracuse stuff but we picked Tyler Ennis for YouTube Gold and then saw two other stories.

First, Oshae Brissett decided to stay in the NBA Draft.

It’s his life obviously but his chances in the NBA aren't that good. We can’t recall seeing anyone list him as a first rounder and honestly don't think we’ve seen him as a second rounder.

That said, he could play overseas and still make a very nice income, possibly as much as he makes at Syracuse.

We keed! We keed!

He’ll never touch that again.

Bada bing!

Jokes aside, another year in college would have helped but if he’s ready to get out in the world that’s exactly what he should do.

No jokes in the second Syracuse story: the Syracuse Police released video of the accident Jim Boeheim was involved in earlier this year which cost a man his life.

Oddly, despite most people knowing who it is and the officers identifying him in the video, Boeheim’s face is blurred out.

It’s interesting to see one officer’s reaction when he realizes Boeheim is involved.

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