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YouTube Gold: Darryl Dawkins

One of the NBA’s most fun players ever

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Darryl Dawkins
Darryl Dawkins as a Philadelphia 76er

With the one-and-done rule soon to be junked, the NBA will once again allow players to jump directly from high school to the league.

It’s nothing that new: in the 1970s Moses Malone went straight to the ABA then Bill Willoughby and Darryl Dawkins tried it with the NBA.

Willoughby wasn’t very successful but Dawkins became a folk hero and a pretty good player at least for awhile.

At 6-11 and 250, he was huge by the standards of his day but average by today’s. However he was immensely powerful and athletic as you’ll see below. He was a pioneer when it came to breaking backboards and when you watch this video, there will be times, even now, when his power and athleticism will take your breath away.

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