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Zion Update: No Worries About The Pelicans

As the family gets out ahead of the story

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional
Mar 31, 2019; Washington, DC, USA; Duke Blue Devils forward Zion Williamson (1) drives to the basket as Michigan State Spartans forward Kenny Goins (25) defends in the championship game of the east regional of the 2019 NCAA Tournament at Capital One Arena. 
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As the Zion Williamson story continues, we’re learning a number of things. First, that being under a microscope is much more difficult than it used to be. Second, that there’s been no discussion of returning to Duke. And third, people continue to offer him free advice, almost all of it unsolicited.

To catch up: his stepfather made it pretty clear that he’s willing to play for the Pelicans. Lee Anderson told the Washington Post that “[o]ne thing that Zion has always been taught is that you accept the things that you can’t change. You change the things that you can change,” Anderson said. “This is one of the things that he had nothing to do with. It’s the process of the NBA and certainly we’re excited about the Crescent City down there in New Orleans...I spoke with, who’s that coach — [Alvin] Gentry. We met with David Griffin [the Pelicans’ executive vice president of basketball operations] and had a great conversation and are excited at the prospect of coming down there and getting settled and looking for a place to stay and all these good things.”

So that entertainment is basically gone.

Well other than people telling him what he should do. Noted densologist Colin Cowherd says he should explore his options. The Miami Herald’s Greg Cote says Zion has power here and he should use it.

There’s even a congressman who is giving him advice on where to eat in town.

Actually that advice might be pretty good.

We’ll kick in one small bit of our own advice which is fairly neutral and doesn’t tell him what to do.

It doesn’t matter where he plays. People will seek him out and highlight him. He could play in Guam and he’d still be on TV every night.

The downside is the microscope. He seems reasonably well equipped to deal with it but it’s going to be a long time until he can be a face in the crowd again - if ever.

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