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YouTube Gold: Celtics Great KC Jones

An amazing ball player and a little known talent to boot.

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K.C. Jones head coach of the Boston Celtics
 UNDATED: Danny Ainge #44 of the Boston Celtics listens to head coach K.C. Jones during a NBA season game. K.C. Jones was the head coach of the Boston Celtics from 1983-1988.
Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

KC Jones was part of the Celtics dynasty - he arrived from San Francisco with Bill Russell - and had a reputation as being a bit quiet and perhaps eccentric.

Russell said it took weeks for him to speak to him when they were college roommates - Jones would just slap the bunk to wake him up and then leave for class. Then once he started talking he never stopped.

He was a great defender as you’ll see in this clip. Some things don’t translate across decades but the guy was an absolute pit bull (he must love Tre Jones by the way). There’s no question he could play today.

And a bit like fellow Celtic Dave Cowens, who decided that he needed a real job outside of basketball and so started to drive a cab, Jones developed an interest outside of basketball that was a bit surprising: as it turns out, his hobby was being a night club singer. And guess what? He was pretty good.

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