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Reactions To The End Of The Virginia-Auburn Game Are Pretty Great

Expect it to continue for a good while.

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Virginia vs Auburn
Apr 6, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Virginia Cavaliers guard Kyle Guy (5) shoots the game winning free throws during the second half against the Auburn Tigers in the semifinals of the 2019 men’s Final Four at US Bank Stadium.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The aftermath to the Virginia-Auburn ending continues. If you were living under a rock somewhere, in a nutshell this is what happened: Virginia’s Ty Jerome got away with a double dribble then Auburn fouled Kyle Guy on a three with 0.6 left and the Tigers were up 62-60. Guy hit all three, Virginia won, controversy ensued.

A correction: from the angles we saw after the game, it looked as if Auburn’s Bryce Brown fouled Jerome, pushing his chest which we thought might have caused the double dribble.

He did do that but he did it after the double dribble so it’s irrelevant. We saw a better angle here (you’ll have to scroll down). There has been some controversy over it but that’s the best angle we saw and it looks as if the jersey is grabbed after the double dribble, not before.

So they did miss that call but no one made Jared Harper miss the second half of his late one-and-one and this call was missed too. Really, you could boil it down to this: Guy made his free throws and Harper didn’t.

As far as the last foul goes, noted Auburn fan Charles Barkley agreed that it was indeed a foul. So did Seth Greenberg.

The NCAA’s national coordinator of officiating, J.D. Collins, said it was the right call because the Auburn defender, Samir Doughty, violated Guy’s vertical plane.

Dan Wolken thought it was the right call too.

In the New York Post, Steve Serby thinks the ref should have swallowed his whistle.

At least one national championship coach (unidentified) disagreed vehemently with the call.

Assuming that it’s someone still coaching, as the article suggests, that means it’s one of the following guys:

Coach K, Roy Williams, Jay Wright, John Calipari, Bill Self, Jim Boeheim or Tom Izzo.

Izzo was presumably too busy to pay attention and it doesn’t sound like Coach K. We’d go Big East and guess it’s either Wright or Boeheim with the odds on favorite being Boeheim. It even sounds like his body language.

One of the best videos to emerge was of Auburn students rushing out after Guy missed, assuming the game was over, to decorate Toomers Corner with toilet paper in the time-honored tradition. The video of them realizing they jumped the gun would be far more interesting.

Auburn fans understandably had a tough time. This angry fan poured beer over his head to celebrate.

The Auburn radio crew was severely offended. The audio is combined with the video of the fans rushing out on campus but we have yet to see what happened when they realized it was premature.

We did see what happened at the venue. Auburn fans threw stuff at the officials as they left the court.

And the guy who poured beer over his head to celebrate Auburn’s “victory?”


What an amazing game - and aftermath. And it will probably go on for a good while.

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