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ACC Roundup - Virginia Goes Nuts From Three Point Range, Makes Syracuse Second Half Road Kill

Also the Wake Forest situation is a bit clearer.

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Pittsburgh v Virginia
 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - MARCH 02: Kihei Clark #0 and Mamadi Diakite #25 of the Virginia Cavaliers cheer from the bench in the second half during a game against the Pittsburgh Panthers at John Paul Jones Arena on March 2, 2019 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Good thing it’s not tournament time yet: Virginia hit 18-25 three pointers against Syracuse Monday night, including some that were completely ridiculous. This game was 34-32 at halftime and was still a four point game with 12:07 left.


Virginia outscored Syracuse 29-10 the rest of the way.

The ‘Hoos hit seven three pointers and got easy shots including a layup, a dunk, another layup, another dunk and a tip-in.

In fact, Virginia’s outside shots were probably easier than their inside points. Here’s a great question: in what game in ACC and NCAA history was the biggest gap between three point shooting and overall field goal percentage. In this one it was 72 percent to 54.9 percent.

Part of it was that great three point shooting is death for a zone. On one shot, Ty Jerome was nearly in the Syracuse logo. That was a shot JJ Redick would have been proud of.

Honestly at halftime we thought Syracuse might be able to steal one. We didn’t expect Virginia to run away with it like that.

The only bad thing for the ‘Hoos is that that was a once in a lifetime outing and you don’t two of them in a row. It would have been great in the NCAA finals and no one is turning it down obviously. But it won’t happen like that again soon, if ever.

On the other hand, Virginia doesn’t rely on offense nearly as much as defense so they should be fine for a while.

It would have been a great win for Syracuse and would have helped their NCAA argument. Now the last game is at Clemson and that’s not a place that’s particularly friendly to visitors (although they are nice to elderly men with vertigo).

In Winston-Salem, Wake Forest made the departure of Ron Wellman and the arrival of John Currie official, and Wellman made one more thing clear: Currie will shadow him but Wellman will make the decision about Danny Manning.

Of course he could decide to not fire him and then Currie could make his own decision on Day 1 if he chose. But it was an interesting thing for Wellman to say. He’s holding on to his authority until he turns his keys in.

So for now, Manning waits. He could learn his fate after Wake exits the ACC Tournament, or in May. We don’t know anyone who actively dislikes him. He seems like a good man who has been perhaps a bad fit in his job.

Still, his boss, whoever it is, has to answer to people too.

On Tuesday, we see Wake playing at Duke in a game where Zion Williamson may dress and possibly play (still TBD), Virginia Tech and Florida State have an intriguing matchup, UNC heads up to BC for a possible trap game before Duke Saturday, and in the nightcap, Pitt gets some sunshine in Miami and a chance for a late win in a tough season as Jeff Capel’s rebuild awaits more talent.

In the Miami game, Ebuka Izundu will get to play in front of his mother for the first time in college. She’s flying in from Lagos and boy are her arms tired.

Seriously it’s a sweet story and we hope he has a great game for mom. But she’ll probably be more impressed in a few months when he gets his degree.

In this week’s poll (Coaches not AP), Virginia, UNC and Duke are all Top Five, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. FSU is #13, the Hokies are #16 and Louisville got 20 votes.

Wojo’s Marquette slips to #15.

Wake Forest @ Duke 7:00 ESPN
Virginia Tech @ Florida State 7:00 ESPNU
UNC @ Boston College 8:00 ACCNE
Pitt @ Miami 8:00 ACCNE
Monday's Results
  • Virginia 79 Syracuse 53

ACC Standings

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