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Upset City, Baby! Gonzaga Gets The Ziggy

Okay we’re done with the Vitale stuff. But what a game.

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Pepperdine v Gonzaga
Josh Perkins and his Gonzaga teammates never figured out what hit them Tuesday night.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Obviously it’s March now and so far we’ve seen two games that we found really wonderful. The first was Wofford-UNCG and seeing just how well Wofford played and especially how well they moved the ball. They were superb and whatever bracket they fall in, the other teams better not take them for granted because that team can gut you.

And speaking of gutted, St. Mary’s absolutely gutted Gonzaga in the West Coast Conference finals, winning by 13 and holding the racehorse Zags to just 47 points.

If you missed this one, try and find it on replay somewhere because St. Mary’s was amazing and Gonzaga....well, the Zags flailed. They rushed shots, they threw the ball away, they couldn’t get a key rebound.

Gonzaga wasn’t as bad as UVA was last spring against UMBC but there was a whiff of retriever in the air.

If this was a preview of what’s to come, we’re in for some great basketball.

This is also worth remembering, particularly for Virginia fans: the Bulldogs do not like being forced into a slow game.

After the UMBC game, UVA’s Tony Bennett cautioned his team not to judge themselves by it and he made the same admonition after his players cut down the nets after winning a share of the ACC regular season title.

Gonzaga doesn't have to look to far to get their own cold dose of reality. We’ve never heard of a coach literally running out of the huddle to get into a car to go to a hospital.

It happening during a game. We hope that coach Lisa Fortier’s brother is okay.

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