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YouTube Gold: The Greatest Buzzer Beater In The Duke-UNC Rivalry

You know what’s coming

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Duke v North Carolina
Austin Rivers as he prepares to gut UNC in the 2012 game from Chapel Hill

In 2012, Austin Rivers put his stamp on the Duke-UNC rivalry with a shot that will never be forgotten.

It was preceded by one of Duke’s better comebacks and when the Devils were just two points down, Mason Plumlee rebounded and handed the ball off to Rivers. He went from the left side of the court to the right and then, with the most beautiful arrogance, forced UNC’s big man Tyler Zeller to guard against both a drive and a three point shot.

Back and forth he went until Zeller was off balance and that was all that Rivers needed: he launched a three that went through the basket as time expired, giving Duke the win and earning him a place in the history of the rivalry that will never be forgotten.

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