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Scottie Pippen: Zion Best Prospect Since Michael Jordan

That puts him past a certain Laker

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Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippen says Zion Williamson is the best prospect since Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen is weighing on Zion Williamson again and rather than telling him to shut down his college career, he is saying something pretty remarkable.

When asked the question “Williamson is the best prospect since...” Pippen answered “Michael Jordan.”

Here are some fuller comments: “I think he’s going to be a different player. I think he’s going to be a game-changer. And we’re going to see something special out of this kid. I think he’s sort of the Charles Barkley throwback that you’re not going to be able to match up with him, in terms of meeting his physicality that he’s going to bring to the game.”

That of course makes him a better 18-year-old prospect than one King James, at least in Pippen’s eyes. That’s a generational argument of course and enough time has gone by that a lot of younger fans don’t have any idea of Jordan’s insane competitive drive not to mention his work ethic. What set Jordan apart from everyone is the reason he would have schooled LeBron James: his near pathological desire to win (on a side note, it’s hilarious to imagine Jordan, a master of trash talk, giving it to a young LeBron).

If Williamson’s desire is as powerful as Jordan’s was, we’re in for a breathtaking ride.

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