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Former Blue Devil Corey Maggette Identified In 1999 Rape Allegation

In a statement, Maggette has denied the allegation

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Corey Maggette

It didn't take long to identify the basketball player from the 1999 team who is accused of raping former Duke student Meredith Watson : Corey Maggette.

As we learned in the Duke lacrosse case, it’s best to not draw premature conclusions. In this particular case, we don't know if any charges can be supported because it’s been nearly 20 years and physical evidence may no longer exist. That doesn’t mean it’s baseless. It just means it may be very hard to prove.

And to be clear, Maggette has been accused. He has not been charged and has certainly not been convicted and he denies the allegations completely via a statement:

“It has only been through media accounts and a statement from Meredith Watson’s lawyer that I first learned or heard of anything about these sexual assault allegations. I have never sexually assaulted anyone in my life and I completely and categorically deny any such charge.”

That said, the only decent and responsible thing to do is to find as much as possible about this allegation and pursue the truth, wherever it leads.

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