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This Article Explains Part of Zion Williamson’s Appeal

Talented yes. Arrogant and spoiled, no.

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Boston College v Duke
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - FEBRUARY 05: Javin DeLaurier #12 and Zion Williamson #1 of the Duke Blue Devils battle Steffon Mitchell #41 of the Boston College Eagles for a loose ball during the second half of their game at Cameron Indoor Stadium on February 05, 2019 in Durham, North Carolina. Duke won 80-55.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

For all the excitement about Zion Williamson’s talent, people have raved about the kind of person he is about as much.

Other than Coach K though we haven't seen that many comments about his character. So we were intrigued by this article. Check out what teammate Brennan Besser says:

“As great a basketball player as he is, he’s a better person. I’ve seen a number of unbelievably talented players who are now in the NBA, and he is the first teammate to leverage his star power to create a more equitable space for everyone on the team...Duke recruits great players. A lot of times these guys are so basketball-centric. Zion is the most multidimensional player and friend that I’ve come across. It creates a culture where everybody feels loved. He does it because he’s a nice guy and he knows that if he were a walk-on, he’d want to be treated that way. He has that sixth sense. He cares about other people.”

He’s going to get a ton of endorsement opportunities but his character is going to be a multiplier for that. His parents did a great job. What a breath of fresh air.

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