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A Daily Feather For This Look At Duke’s Season To Date

Pretty solid work here from our boards

Peacock Enjoys In A Pleasant Weather In Noida Photo by Sunil Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

MarkD83 has a nice review of Duke’s season to date. He breaks it down into six points and explains Duke’s man to man defense, versatility, how it helps against injuries, and more.

Here’s an excerpt: “Duke has a lot of depth. Now most folks look at this and track the number of players in any given game that play more than 10 or 12 or X amount of minutes. Perhaps a better way to judge depth is the versatility that it gives Coach K. Against Kansas and MSU, Vernon was very effective. Against VT he was less effective but Coach K could adjust to the small ball that VT was playing. I like the versatility that Duke has.“

To read the whole thing, just click here and head over to the boards.