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ACC Roundup - Louisville Takes The Main Stage

As the Cardinals visit Lexington

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Louisville
Is Coach Dobby ready to stick it to the Wildcats?
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Three ACC games Saturday not involving Duke - North Alabama at Florida State, Louisville buses over to Lexington to take on the Wildcats and Greg Paulus takes Niagara to Syracuse to challenge the Orange.

Syracuse will be heavily favored and as we noted the other day, Niagara is one of the nation’s smallest teams. Paulus’s team is also in a major rebuild mode with three coaches since last spring and currently just 2-8. Little-known Niagara fact: NBA coaching legend Frank Layden coached NBA legend Calvin Murphy when he was a Purple Eagle.

An upset here would be a major shock.

We also can’t imagine North Alabama winning at FSU. Just too much talent on the court for them to pull that off unless FSU just blows it. And admittedly you can’t completely rule that out, but it happens less than it used to.

If you’re hunting for an upset, take Kentucky. It’s not as much of an upset as any other Saturday ACC game would be but Louisville is 3 or 4 in the polls and UK is 19th. The game is at Rupp and we’re just not sure that Chris Mack’s Louisville team takes a punch in the mouth the way that Rick Pitino’s Cardinals could.

On the other hand, it’s been a while since the Cards were seen as clearly better than the Wildcats. And UK can’t hit a three to save itself.

So that one could be really interesting.