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You Tube Gold: Paul Simon Gets Upstaged

This will start your day the right way

Paul Simon
American singer-songwriter Paul Simon performing at the Palladium Theatre, London, December 1975.
Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images

Paul Simon is an iconic figure in popular American music. From Tom and Jerry to Simon and Garfunkel to his own long solo act (he recently retired from performing), Simon has been around for seemingly forever.

Like a lot of musicians, he’s been on Sesame Street and like a lot of them he has to make accommodations to the kids on the show. Some people play their own material while some play versions for the kids.

Stevie Wonder does an absolutely ferocious version of Superstition for one.

In this clip, Simon wants to do Me and Julio, but the kid sitting on the steps next to him has other ideas.

At first he’s amused, then a bit annoyed as he just cuts in over her and starts his song. At the end though he gives her the stage back and she starts to sing her own lyrics and just charms him and everyone watching.

Contrary to what they say, youth is not always wasted on the young.