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You Tube Gold: “Special!”

One of the greater shots in Duke history

Christian Laettner after the 1990 UConn buzzer beater
Christian Laettner after gutting UConn on a buzzer beater in 1990.

Christian Laettner is justly famous for his iconic shot to defeat Kentucky in the 1992 Eastern Regional finals but it wasn’t his only great play at Duke. He had more than anyone can remember, probably including himself.

The Shot, as it is known, was made more majestic by Grant Hill’s perfect, long arcing pass and Laettner’s willingness to fake towards the bench before turning back and shooting a perfect shot.

Arguably though his game winner against UConn in the 1990 tournament was even more difficult. Coach K saw UConn’s defense and changed the play, calling “Special!” from the sideline.

Laettner threw the ball in and got it right back. He had to hit a double clutch shot from just inside the three point line with no time to plan it.

Of course it went in. It was Christian Freaking Laettner and that was just what he did.

By the next year, his junior year, he was driving people crazy and UConn’s Rod Sellers did this which was much more dangerous than this.

By the way, if you want to watch the entire 1990 game, here it is.