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Duke Up To #2 In AP Poll

Don’t buy that though, at least not yet.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Duke
Nov 5, 2019; New York, NY, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Jordan Goldwire (14) dribbles the ball against Kansas Jayhawks guard Christian Braun (2) during the first half at Madison Square Garden.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Duke is up to #2 in the latest AP Poll but don't get too excited. Duke’s not the #2 team in the country - yet.

Kentucky is #1, followed by Duke, Michigan State, Louisville, Kansas, UNC, Maryland, Gonzaga, Virginia and Villanova.

If we re-ranked these 10, we might go UK, Louisville, Michigan State, Duke, Virginia, UNC, Maryland, Gonzaga, Villanova and Kansas and might flip Duke and Virginia too.

We wouldn’t move KU down solely because of the Duke game but also because UNC-G gave them a tough game. Wes Miller has built a sturdy program but there’s now way that should have been close. Kansas clearly has some issues to work out.

We’re also not sure about Maryland, Gonzaga and Villanova. Any of them might be much better or somewhat worse than their rankings and UNC needs more variety in its offense to move up. Wait until Virginia gets hold of Cole Anthony and wraps him in the suffocating arms of the Pack Line.

We think the three best programs right now are pretty clear. Duke has a chance to join them but will not until its offense becomes more reliable. As Virginia has shown though, great defense means you can be in any game and Duke’s defense, so far, is undeniably excellent.