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You Tube Gold: Bobby Jones

Worthy of admiration even if he did go to UNC. Fine, get the mouth soap

Bobby Jones dunk over Bird
Philadelphia’s Bobby Jones dunks over Boston’s Larry Bird

As we’ve said before, there are some Carolina guys it’s easy to dislike. As Duke fans you don’t have to work too hard at that.

There are some guys you don’t really care about (Scott Cherry) and some who grudgingly earn your respect (Hubert Davis and Luke Maye for instance).

On rare occasions there are some who just prove to be admirable and we can’t think of anyone more so than Bobby Jones.

The former Tar Heel star was a brilliant talent as you’ll see here. Among other things, nearly every block you see in this video was blocked in bounds or he tried to save it. There was no spiking it into the 7th row (and giving it right back).

He was a perfect fit for the 76ers, who obtained him from Denver and paired him with Julius Erving. Along with Moses Malone, that was a superb front court.

As you look at him you’ll see he’s long like Kevin McHale but not quite so tall, and runs unbelievably well. The guy was just something else.

Not only was Jones a selfless teammate, he was a devout Christian and it actually translated into his play. At one point, someone told him he could do more by being more physical and playing a bit dirty for a small advantage. He said if he ever had to do that, he’d just quit. He wasn’t about to compromise what he believed in for some small advantage in a game. He really did practice what he preached.

He was a brilliant basketball player and remains a good man and, just perhaps, the most admirable Tar Heel to ever come along.