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Competing With Juggernauts Duke, UNC May Be Frustrating Louisville Folks

Louisville was a big fish in a small pond for decades and even the Big East pond shrunk a good bit by the end. Keeping up in the ACC is brutally hard and always has been.

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NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke
“Listen Roy, we’ll get Steward and Brakefield, you get Love, and just watch Louisville people go nuts!”
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Duke offered Jaemyn Brakefield on Thursday and shortly after this article came out Friday, Brakefield took Duke’s offer.

That means that between Duke and UNC, Tobacco Road schools swiped Brakefield, DJ Steward and Caleb Love and Duke might also get big man Hunter Dickinson, who was another major earlier target of Louisville’s.

It’s bound to be frustrating but it’s like being in the SEC and not being named Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU or Florida. Promising football players are going to listen to those schools more. Same thing with Duke and UNC in the ACC. The conference has absorbed Georgia Tech, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Pitt, Notre Dame, Boston College, Louisville and Syracuse and it hasn’t made much difference. Duke and UNC just keep rolling along.

That may change when Mike Krzyzewski and Ol’ Roy Williams retire but not until then.

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