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You Tube Gold: The Durham Bull

We think about Rodney Rogers often and wish him nothing but the best

Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings
SACRAMENTO, CA: A close up shot of Rodney Rodgers #54 of the Denver Nuggets during a game against the Sacramento Kings circa 1994 at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California. 
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

ACC fans have endured some great losses and shocks over the years. The fall of David Thompson was very painful. Watching Phil Ford and John Lucas also fall to addiction hurt.

Skip Prosser’s death was shocking and it seemed impossible to everyone that Len Bias could have died on draft night. He was so powerful.

Rodney Rogers goes into a different category. He didn’t die and he wasn’t an addict. He was a great big bear of a guy who was about as Durham as you could get.

No one real disliked him. He was just a good guy.

So when he was paralyzed in an ATV accident, well, it hurt. Prosser and Bias were awful but death is final. They were gone. Rogers had to live the rest of his life - medical miracles aside - in a chair, dependent on others.

It was just so strange to think of the Durham Bull like that.

But it happened.

Anyway, we always keep him in our thoughts and prayers and it’s nice to look back on his athletic brilliance. Here’s a tape of him from high school on. The guy was a wonderful basketball player and represented Durham as well as anyone ever has. We hope he’s doing well.