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Zion’s Latest Endorsement

The guy is racking them up

New Orleans Pelicans All Access Practice
METAIRIE, LA - OCTOBER 16: Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans talks to teammates during an all access practice at Ochsner Sports Performance Center in Metairie, Louisiana on October 16, 2019.
Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

Zion Williamson is going to miss a bit of time with a knee issue but he’s still working off the court and now has a five-year deal with Mountain Dew.

As part of it, Mountain Dew arranged for a court near Williamson’s high school to be redone as a giant Zion mural. The Zanos joke was incorporated too. The work was done by an artist named Ceaux Young.

As it turns out, Williamson is a huge comic book fan: “Playing high school basketball at Spartanburg Day School is what helped put me on the map – so it’s been fun to team up with my new partner Mountain Dew and Ceaux Young to make this mural happen. I’ve always been a huge comic book fan – it’s so cool to see how Ceaux brought these scenes to life on the courts in Spartanburg.”

As far as the kids go, what an amazing court that is going to be. What could possibly be cooler than a hometown hero - and a guy noticeably great with kids - to be all over your court? That’s going to be highly popular.