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You Tube Gold: The Brilliance Of Grant Hill

Before injuries slowed him,

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Former Blue Devil and NBA great Grant Hill

Duke legend Grant Hill has a unique place in NBA history: before and after.

Before his injuries crippled and nearly killed him, Hill was as good a player as anyone in the NBA.

During his healthy years, he was simply brilliant.

After his injuries began people first thought he was dogging it and then, when he kept having problems, wondered why he bothered. Most people didn’t know he almost died during this period.

Finally, when he worked his way back and built a new role as a valuable defender and role player, he won great respect again.

The only comparable career arc that we can think of is Shaun Livingston, who came back from a devastating injury, but in Livingston’s case, he didn't fly as high as Hill and as admirable as his comeback was, he didn’t have to do it over and over again as Hill did.

So it’s good to look back and see what an electrifying talent he was. The game lost a lot when he was struggling but gained something beautiful when he finally made it back. It’s a story of courage, resilience and lost brilliance, but most of all character.