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Post-Clemson DBR Podcast!

Expect some talk about a certain second-half play against Clemson.

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Clemson v Duke
 DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - JANUARY 05: Zion Williamson #1 of the Duke Blue Devils watches on before their game against the Clemson Tigers at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 05, 2019 in Durham, North Carolina.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Words cannot describe the dunk that Zion laid down upon the poor Clemson Tigers... but we give it our best shot. Plus, Sam shows us what Zion’s dunk would look like if it was executed by an unathletic, Jewish, business school student wearing blue jeans. Yes, there is video of this amazing event and here’s the audio for the latest DBR Podcast!

  • 0:00 Byrd Campbell, your Duke legal team
  • 0:25 Donald welcomes us to the end of basketball as we know it. Zion has ended what this game used to be.
  • 1:25 Jason sidetracks us into talking about death and winning the game of life
  • 2:35 Time to talk about the beatdown of Clemson... Sam runs out of words to describe Zion’s dunk
  • 7:00 We debate who got higher on the dunk, Zion doing it, or RJ celebrating it
  • 9:20 Sam takes the Zion challenge... Sam must jump in the air and do a 360 (he will not be required to dunk). Donald videotapes it so we all can see what happened! You can watch it here:
  • 11:40 Back to the game, Sam talks for a long time about what is up with Cam Reddish?!?!
  • 15:15 Jason is falling more and more in love with Tre Jones
  • 18:00 Time to talk about two other key role players who were great against Clemson, Jack White and Marquis Bolden
  • 22:20 Duke won by 20 against a good team in a game where Duke really didn’t play all that well... how scary is that?
  • 24:00 Sam talks about the tightening rotation
  • 26:40 We pause to thank Byrd Campbell for supporting the pod
  • 27:15 We preview Wake and Florida State, Duke’s first road games
  • 33:35 We sidetrack back to Sam’s 360 leap
  • 39:25 This is your annual reminder that Leonard Hamilton is a lot older than you think
  • 41:15 Player of the week, Jason breaks hearts by refusing to join the crowd in picking Zion
  • 43:25 Parting Shots - Jason on the quiz you must pass to get to the front of the tenting line
  • 45:25 Parting Shots - Sam reminds everyone to go back and watch the show where we interviewed Kenny Dennard
  • 46:30 Parting Shots - Donald with some praise for the Duke alumni band
  • 48:10 Bonus Parting Shot on the difference between spaceships and free throws
  • 50:30 Duke band plays us out as we debut the nickname, “360 Sam”

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