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Super Bowl Sunday And ACC Basketball

A Fan’s Guide and DBR tradition

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Duke v Notre Dame
SOUTH BEND, IN - JANUARY 28: Cam Reddish #2 of the Duke Blue Devils goes to the basket against TJ Gibbs #10 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the first half of the game at Purcell Pavilion on January 28, 2019 in South Bend, Indiana. Duke won 83-61.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

A few ACC traditions endure. At least we’ve still got an ACC game on Super Bowl Sunday, although the conference and its TV partners are remarkably quiet on the subject.

The league and our national football holiday have shared a rich link since an undefeated NC State squad led by David Thompson edged a comparably gifted Maryland team 87-85 in January 1973. A late score by Thompson, the ACC’s greatest player -- a tip of a missed shot at the buzzer -- sealed the outcome in an unusual national telecast of a college game in that pre-cable, pre-dunk era.

Given the formidable stature of the opponent, the Wolfpack’s win also marked a crucial step in maintaining the second and last unblemished season in conference history.

The ACC contest brimmed with drama, in sharp contrast with the lackluster 14-7 Super Bowl that followed. The Miami Dolphins handily won Super Bowl VII despite the close final score, concluding the only undefeated NFL season (17-0) since the 1967 advent of the Game Of Multimillion Dollar Commercials.

The most memorable, and comic, play in that Super Bowl came when a 41-yard field goal attempt was blocked late in the game. The Dolphins’ left-footed kicker, Garabed “Garo” Yepremian, recovered and tried to pass the ball, only to have it intercepted and run back for a touchdown. That was it for scoring by Washington.

Last season, shortly after Boston College went to overtime to defeat Georgia Tech, New England, an NFL team from Boston, fell to Philadelphia, another city rife with insurgents resistant to the status quo during our uncivil revolution.

The Yellow Jackets once owned the prelude to the Roman Numeral Extravaganza, appearing seven times in 11 years from 1989 through 1999 on Super Bowl Sunday, all when Bobby Cremins was head coach.

This year Clemson seeks its first win in four tries on Super Bowl Sunday. The Tigers are matched against Wake Forest, another of the six original ACC members remaining in the league. Wake is making its 10th appearance in a Main Event appetizer, as did Georgia Tech last year. Only three ACC teams played more often on Super Bowl Sunday.

Certainly it’s strange that Duke, with its competitive pedigree, has appeared prior to fewer Super Bowls (7) than NC State (15), North Carolina (14), Maryland (11 while in the league), Florida State (10), Georgia Tech (10), Wake Forest (10) and Virginia (9).

Then again, why use one of your premium viewership draws on a day devoted to another sport?

NC State, at 10-5, remains the most successful and prolific ACC team playing in tandem with the Largest Halftime Show on Earth, although it last appeared as a Super accouterment in 2008.

BC’s 2018 inclusion reduces the number of former Big East teams to four – Louisville, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Virginia Tech – that have yet to participate as ACC members in pre-Super festivities. BC, Miami and Virginia Tech have been in the ACC since the mid-2000s, the Irish, Panthers and Orange since 2014. Louisville came aboard in 2015.

When Clemson plays, and loses, to precede the big party, NFC teams are 2-1 and the New England Patriots are 1-1. When Wake wins, as it did three times, NFC teams are 2-1. NFC squads are also 5-1 when the Demon Deacons lose earlier in the day, including Dallas at 2-0.

Among the NFC winners in the wake of a Deac defeat was St. Louis in 2000. The Rams recently were seduced by L.A. after a happy marriage in Missouri.

ACC Records When Playing Same Day As Super Bowl
Team W-L W Pct.
Boston College 1-0 1.000
Clemson* 0-3 .000
Duke 4-3 .571
Florida State 5-5 .500
Georgia Tech 3-7 .300
Louisville 0-0 .000
Maryland 5-6 .455
Miami 2-1 .667
North Carolina 9-5 .643
N.C. State 10-5 .667
Notre Dame 0-0 .000
Pittsburgh 0-1 .000
Syracuse 0-0 .000
Virginia 5-4 .556
Virginia Tech 0-0 .000
Wake Forest* 3-6 .333

Date Super Bowl Result Basketball Result
2/3/19 New England v. Los Angeles Wake Forest at Clemson
2/4/18 Philadelphia 41-New England 33 Boston College 80-Georgia Tech 72 (OT)
2/5/17 New England 34-Atlanta 28 Florida State 109-Clemson 61
2/7/16 Denver 24-Carolina 10 Miami 75-Georgia Tech 68
2/1/15 New England 28-Seattle 24 Florida State 55-Miami 54
2/2/14 Seattle 43-Denver 8 Virginia 48-Pittsburgh 45
2/3/13 Baltimore 34- San Francisco 31 Georgia Tech 66-Virginia 60
2/5/12 N.Y. Giants 21-New England 17 Miami 78-Duke 74 (OT)
2/6/11 Green Bay 31-Pittsburgh 25 North Carolina 89-Florida State 69
2/7/10 New Orleans 31-Indianapolis 17 Maryland 92-North Carolina 71
2/1/09 Pittsburgh 27-Arizona 23 Duke 67-Virginia 49
2/3/08 N.Y. Giants 17-New England 14 NC State 67-Wake Forest 65
North Carolina 84-Florida State 73 (OT)
2/4/07 Indianapolis 29-Chicago 17 Florida State 68-Duke 67
2/5/06 Pittsburgh 21-Seattle 10 NC State 62-Maryland 58
2/6/05 New England 24-Philadelphia 21 North Carolina 81-Florida State 60
2/1/04 New England 32-Carolina 29 NC State 81-Maryland 69
Florida State 88-Savannah State 73
1/26/03 Tampa Bay 48-Oakland 21 Wake Forest 71-Florida State 60
NC State 86-North Carolina 77
2/3/02 New England 20-St. Louis 17 Maryland 89-NC State 73
Missouri 81-Virginia 77
1/28/01 Baltimore 34-N.Y. Giants 7 North Carolina 60-NC State 52
1/30/00 St. Louis 23-Tennessee 16 Virginia 76-Wake Forest 67
1/31/99 Denver 34-Atlanta 19 Wake Forest 85-Maryland 72
North Carolina 75-Georgia Tech 66
1/25/98 Denver 31-Green Bay 24 Wake Forest 74-Missouri 65
NC State 56-Georgia Tech 51
1/26/97 Green Bay 35-New England 21 North Carolina 61-Clemson 48
Maryland 74-Duke 70
1/28/96 Dallas 27-Pittsburgh 17 Duke 83-Maryland 73
Connecticut 76-Virginia 46
1/29/95 San Fran 49-San Diego 26 Georgia Tech 81-Florida State 68
1/30/94 Dallas 30-Buffalo 13 North Carolina 85-Wake Forest 61
1/31/93 Dallas 52-Buffalo 17 NC State 72-Clemson 70
Florida State 96-Georgia Tech 77
1/26/92 Washington 37-Buffalo 24 NO ACC ACTION
1/27/91 N.Y. Giants 20-Buffalo 19 Georgia Tech 88-North Carolina 86
1/28/90 San Fran 55-Denver 10 Virginia 71-Wake Forest 70 (OT)
Duke 88-Georgia Tech 86
1/22/89 San Fran 20-Cincinnati 16 Illinois 103-Georgia Tech 92 (2OT)
1/31/88 Washington 42-Denver 20 NC State 71-DePaul 66
1/25/87 N.Y. Giants 39-Denver 20 Kansas 74-NC State 60
1/26/86 Chicago 46-New England 10 North Carolina 73-Notre Dame 61
1/20/85 San Francisco 38-Miami 16 NO ACC ACTION
1/22/84 L.A. Raiders 38-Washington 9 NO ACC ACTION
1/30/83 Washington 27-Miami 17 Arkansas 68-Wake Forest 65
1/24/82 San Fran 26-Cincinnati 21 Virginia 74-Louisville 56
1/25/81 Oakland 27-Philadelphia 10 Virginia 89-Ohio State 73
1/20/80 Pittsburgh 31-L.A. Rams 19 Maryland 92-North Carolina 86
1/21/79 Pittsburgh 35-Dallas 31 Duke 75-NC State 69
1/15/78 Dallas 27-Denver 10 North Carolina 71-Wake Forest 69
1/9/77 Oakland 32-Minnesota 14 Maryland 87-NC State 80
1/18/76 Pittsburgh 21-Dallas 17 NC State 68-North Carolina 67
1/12/75 Pittsburgh 16-Minnesota 6 NO ACC ACTION
1/13/74 Miami 24-Minnesota 7 NC State 80-Maryland 74
1/14/73 Miami 14-Washington 7 NC State 87-Maryland 85

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