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You Tube Gold: Duke-Kentucky 1978

One of Duke’s more joyous teams. This one’s for you Dog!

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NCAA Photos Archive
Mike Gminski was a superb young big man for Duke in 1978

Here’s a treat - Duke’s 1978 trip to the title game against Kentucky.

The ‘78 team was a special group that came together unbelievably well and went on a joy ride at the end of the season.

The ride through the ACC tournament was a blast then Duke, after a tough game with Rhode Island to open the tournament, got on a roll. The win over Villanova in the regional finals was brilliant and after a tough win over Notre Dame, Duke found itself in the national championship...and ran into Goose Givens who got incredibly hot and hit for 41.

What’s surprising here is just how good the video is. It’s really fresh.

And it’s a bit shocking to see Mike Gminski and realize what a kid he was.

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