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Former Tar Heel PJ Hairston In Trouble Again

Most of his previous misdeeds affected him primarily. Not this time.

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Tennessee State v North Carolina
PJ Hairston is becoming a study in wasted potential

This is probably something most people have forgotten but when PJ Hairston was being recruited as a promising high school player, like everyone else, Duke sent him letters and whoever set up the mail list entered his name incorrectly.

He noticed and later griped about it, saying that the least you could do is to spell a guy’s name correctly. He said that was a major part of the reason why he dropped Duke.

If whoever entered that name in the database incorrectly is still with the program, time for a raise.

Hairston, who has already retired from basketball, has had legal problems since college and did things that either damaged or threatened to damage UNC, where he ultimately ended up and which ultimately concluded that he could no longer be a Tar Heel.

This Friday we learned that there is a warrant out for his arrest for assault on a female, interfering with emergency communication and injury to personal property.

What can you say to that? Well first it’s important and fair to say we don’t know the details since the warrant has not yet been served and Hairston has not yet had a chance to defend himself.

Having said that, Hairston long ago showed his character and at this late date it would hard for him to disappoint many people.

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