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YouTube Gold: Duke’s Most Important Game Ever

Relive the 1991 upset of UNLV or, if you are too young, settle in for two hours of absolute greatness.

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Bobby Hurley
Now the coach at Arizona State, Bobby Hurley led Duke to an epic upset of UNLV in the 1991 Final Four.

Of all the games in the Duke canon, perhaps the greatest and most critical is the 1991 UNLV rematch.

UNLV just destroyed Duke in the 1990 Finals and even Coach K was reluctant to look at the video of that game.

When he did though, he realized that Vegas basically rode two runs, albeit great runs, to the win.

And in the rematch, Duke had a healthy Bobby Hurley (he had to leave the court due to illness in 1990) and a young Grant Hill and of course a still-rising Christian Laettner.

Vegas was both overconfident and tense and Duke was ready for a fight. That was still the most intense Duke game we’ve ever seen.

Watch it again (or for the first time) thanks to the wonder of YouTube. Here’s the full game.

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