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Parrish On Pitino’s New Book; Pitino On Whether ACC Programs Are Clean

Consider the source but Pitino says yes

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Rick Pitino
A pensive Pitino in his Kentucky days

No offense to the man, but we probably won’t buy Rick Pitino’s tell-all book. We’ve always respected his coaching ability but never much liked him. As a younger coach, he came across as an Eddie Haskell type. We never really bought that smarmy side of Pitino.

For what it’s worth, Gary Parrish says that the book won’t change anybody’s mind.

However it was pretty cool of Pitino to say that Duke and UNC, apparently not counting the massive academic fraud case in Chapel Hill, run clean programs. He goes further and says that every ACC program is clean. Considering that he could be in a slash-and-burn mode, that’s nice of him to say.

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