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Still No Protestors At Kenan

It’s very strange

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NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at North Carolina
Sep 22, 2018; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels dancers perform during the second half at Kenan Memorial Stadium. The Tar Heels won 38-35. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We picked our first article about the naming of Kenan Stadium to date from, but you could go back to any point in time. We just picked that one.

Anyway, it’s been 33 days since we pointed out that Kenan Stadium is named for a racist mass murderer and wondered where the protestors were.

People were happy to protest Silent Sam, a statue that was dedicated in 1913 with a wildly racist speech by Julius Carr which explicitly endorsed white supremacy.

However, he only spoke in favor of it. Buck Kenan and his brownshirts machine gunned dozens of African-Americans down in the streets, overthrew the elected government of Wilmington and reinstalled white supremacy.

The scandals that metastasized in UNC’s athletic department underscored how untouchable sports has become for UNC. The fact that no one has said a word about the butcher that the football stadium was named for just underscores it with a big fat red marker.

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