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Si’s List Of College Basketball Rivalries Is Good But They Missed One Of The Best

How could you overlook Duke-UK?

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State Farm Champions Classic Kentucky v Duke
All of the rivalries SI listed are good but Duke-Kentucky should be there too.

Sports Illustrated ranked the top rivalries in college basketball this week and not surprisingly, Duke-UNC is at the top.

It’s a powerful rivalry, even despite the fact that UNC cheated for 20 years and therefore had an unfair advantage.

Right behind it is Kentucky-Louisville, followed by some truly great rivalries.

We didn’t see one even though we went all the way down to honorable mention where we saw Duke-Maryland listed even though the teams no longer play and won’t anytime soon with the exception of possible tournament play - and even there Maryland has to actually make the post-season and presumably advance.

If you’re listing dead rivalries, why not Kansas-Missouri?

And the missing one? Duke-Kentucky.

Those teams don’t play very often, but they do and it’s usually really good. It deserved at least a mention.

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