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And For Saturday’s Most Stunning Loss...

...Unfortunately it came a week before Virginia Tech is due in Wallace Wade

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Virginia Tech v Old Dominion
BLACKSBURG, VA - SEPTEMBER 22: Head coach Bobby Wilder of the Old Dominion Monarchs celebrates following the victory against the Virginia Tech Hokies at S. B. Ballard Stadium on September 22, 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia
Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

You could probably have a more shocking football upset than Old Dominion over Virginia Tech, but maybe not in the region. Maybe if Furman somehow shocked Clemson. It’s hard to imagine a bigger one otherwise.

It might be worse than it looks too.

ODU pulled its starting QB after the first series and Blake LaRussa finished 30 of 49 for 495 yards and four passing touchdowns (he ran one more in himself).

That’s a phenomenal performance but you have to think Virginia Tech wasn’t up to par. Certainly second-year coach Justin Fuentes implied as much, saying that he told his team that “‘I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you you were terrible. When everybody told you you didn’t have any chance in that first game, and all you did was work your tails off.’ And then now we get all feeling good about ourselves and we got brought back down to earth. We got what we deserved.”

Well if he says so.

Worse still, Virginia Tech’s starting QB Josh Jackson left with an ankle injury. It’s unclear how serious it is or how long he might (or might not) be out.

Whoever plays quarterback next weekend will lead a surly team into Wallace Wade. That game suddenly looks incredibly interesting.

Not that it wasn’t already but Duke is playing with immense confidence and Virginia Tech will come in angry. It could be a great one.

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