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A Smart Guy On Elton Brand’s Ascent To GM

David Falk is incredibly sharp and anything he has to say should be listened to.

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David Falk
David Falk thinks Elton Brand has what it takes to be a great NBA GM

This is something we hadn’t thought of but who better to ask about former Duke star Elton Brand’s new role as Philadelphia’s GM other than his former agent David Falk?

Falk was hugely successful and a lot of his clients have been as well. He’s legendarily astute and his opinion is always interesting.

So what does he think about Brand as GM?

“Number one, I think he is a very, very hard worker,” Falk told “This is not a cosmetic job or a title. How many guys would go into the G-League and run a G-League team? He’s not doing this for the money. He’s made a lot of money, and he’s done a really good job investing it. This is something he really feels is a natural for him.”

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