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Si Ranks The Best Uniforms

And basically, classics rule the day.

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Duke v Indiana
BLOOMINGTON, IN - NOVEMBER 29: Trevon Duval #1 of the Duke Blue Devils defends against Josh Newkirk #2 of the Indiana Hoosiers in the first half of a game at Assembly Hall on November 29, 2017 in Bloomington, Indiana. Duke won 91-81.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As part of gearing up for the season, SI picked the Top Ten uniforms around the country.

UNC came in first, which is reasonable since the Tar Heels probably have the only uniforms designed by a major presence in the fashion world, Alexander Julian.

A native of Chapel Hill, his iconic design replaced this and is obviously a major improvement.

Most of the rest are basically conservative classics with an occasional twist - UCLA, Kansas, Villanova, Duke (coming in at #6), Indiana and Michigan. The more adventurous include Loyola (still fairly classic but not quite as much), Miami and most interesting, Wojo’s Marquette.

We’re huge fans of Wojo but Marquette has historically had ugly uniforms. At one point Al McGuire let star Bo Ellis redesign the look and he put the name below the numbers.

Naturally, they were a sensation and ultimately banned by the NCAA.

Buzz Williams later inflicted this on the school. No truth to the rumor that it hastened his departure later for Virginia Tech.

Wojo’s take is more conservative. The name is back at the bottom, but, per the NCAA, the shirt is tucked in and the letters, necessarily, are more modest and somewhat higher than Ellis had them.

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