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DBR Podcast #125!

In which the crew talks Duke football.

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NCAA Football: Duke at Northwestern
Sep 8, 2018; Evanston, IL, USA; Duke Blue Devils quarterback Quentin Harris (18) drops back to pass the ball in the second half against the Northwestern Wildcats at Ryan Field. 
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

We marvel at the Duke defense and look ahead to what life will be like without Daniel Jones and Mark Gilbert. Oh, and we revel in Scottie Montgomery taking down the Tar Heels.

Groove on.

  • 0:00 Byrd Campbell, they mean business
  • 0:25 Sam is hosting, Donald is traveling, and Jason is celebrating the Jewish New Year.
  • 1:50 Duke beats NW but suffers some big injury losses. Donald marvels at the Duke 4th quarter D.
  • 4:50 Jason talks turnovers, both the real ones and the ones that come after 4th down.
  • 7:10 Sidebar on Mark Gilbert, one of the best defensive backs in Duke history.
  • 8:40 Sam talks a bit about what NW was trying (and failing) to do on offense.
  • 12:00 Jason enjoyed the way we moved the ball around, especially hitting the TEs.
  • 13:25 Sam points out the impressive majors of Duke’s football team.
  • 14:40 Donald finishes the conversation about the game by pointing out how important confidence is.
  • 15:20 If you need legal help, we recommend talking to Byrd Campbell.
  • 15:50 Jason looks ahead to Baylor, a team that has played some truly terrible competition thus far, and says the Baylor D is just plain awful.
  • 20:20 Jason sidebars on computer rankings… and has actually found one ranking that says Duke is the best football team in the country. Take that Alabama!!
  • 22:45 Donald says the key to the game is the offense and what happens without Daniel Jones.
  • 24:20 Who is Gunner Holmberg and why is he the future of Duke football?
  • 26:00 New sponsor! Dominate Test Prep is your best way to get into a good grad school.
  • 26:55 Parting shots – Donald has been watching some Dukies playing WNBA basketball.
  • 28:05 Parting shots – Jason loves him some Scottie Montgomery for beating UNC in football.
  • 30:30 Parting shots – Sam wants to know what happened to the grad student camp out.
  • 33:25 Sam says goodbye and Jason interrupts to encourage folks to write to us at

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