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Former Blue Devil Rodney Hood Makes A Big Contract Gamble

Now let’s see if he can pull it off.

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2018 NBA Finals - Game Four
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 08: Rodney Hood #1 of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives to the basket against the Golden State Warriors during Game Four of the 2018 NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena on June 8, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. 
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Things have kind of gone sideways for Rodney Hood since being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers by the Utah Jazz.

The Cavs tried to pull off a miracle (and nearly did), rebuilding their roster on the fly. It’s a testament to LeBron James’s greatness that the Cavs made it back to the finals.

However playing with James isn't necessarily easy and Hood didn't really adapt well to his new team.

This year though things could be different. James is a Laker now and Cleveland will need more from Hood.

The two parties have been going back and forth on a new contract but reached an agreement over the weekend: Hood signed a one-year deal for $3.4 million meaning that he’ll be an unrestricted free agent next year.

Essentially he’s betting on himself. If he has a solid season, he can cash in big time next summer.

Our only qualm about this is that, dating back to his Duke days, Hood can be a little high strung and emotional. We could see a situation where he pressures himself to succeed to the point where it backfires. We sure hope not. He’s a talented player and he absolutely belongs.

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