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YouTube Gold: 2001 Final Four Comeback

When Duke cut the living, beating heart out of Maryland

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Shane Battier #31...
Shane Battier was a major key to Duke’s comeback against Maryland in the 2001 Final Four.

The Krzyzewski era at Duke has more highlights than most of us can remember but one of the truly great moments was the 2001 Final Four comeback against Maryland.

Duke had gone down 22 in the first half and the game seemed a lost cause.

At halftime though, Coach K threw out the playbook and told his team to just play, which they did, winning 95-84, outscoring Maryland 57-35 in the second half.

It was immensely satisfying. We remember posting at the time and noting the difference in the benches. Duke was calm thoughout but in the second half, Gary Williams and Maryland were completely discomposed. Keep an eye on that when you can. This is the full game.

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