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Latest Candid Coaches Asks About The Rice Commission

Pretty consistent response

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NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Duke
Feb 24, 2018; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski (left) talks to Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim prior to a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. 
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

In CBS’s Candid Coaches series, the current question is a great one: Will the Commission on College Basketball actually solve the sport’s problems?

According to the coaches: not at all.

A full 92% told Garry Parrish no.

  • Here’s a great quote: “Let’s say it’s Hurricane Katrina, whatever. The president, people who run the country, are going to go to ground-level to see what’s happening, what needs to be worked on, what needs to be fixed. But I’ve yet to see anyone this summer enter a gym that had that kind of status. If you personally are leading, and are a leader, and have been armed with this responsibility, it’s your responsibility to get to the ground-level and see how things are done. How can you make change when you’re not in the cracks of recruiting? Forget anything else, that’s a failure. You want to show good will? You want to gain the respect of the coaches and all these people? Then be present. I’ve never seen somebody who cared who wasn’t present. Secondly, when I look at the members on the board of that commission, they’re all really intelligent people. But look at the guys who have gotten in trouble. They’re assistant coaches. And I didn’t see one assistant coach on this panel. You can say ‘We talked to many guys.’ But who did you talk to? Those two things in my opinion are major failures. The people making decisions are so far removed from what’s going on they can’t make sense of it.”

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