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Flyin’ Zion Is At It Again

We’ve seen it a bunch by now but it’s still amazing to see.

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High School Basketball: McDonalds High School All American Powerade Jamfest
Mar 26, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; McDonalds High School All American forward Zion Williamson dunks in the slam dunk competition during the McDonalds High School All American Powerade Jamfest at Forbes Arena at Morehouse College.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Most Duke fans and indeed most basketball fans have seen Duke’s massive Zion Williams appear to defy gravity and fly in for all sorts of imaginative dunks.

So it’s no great surprise to see him do it from the foul line (again). It’s still incredibly cool to see though so check this out and make sure to scroll down and see the others too.

It’s increasingly clear that what Duke has on its hands is a bulldozer with wings.

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